Mississippi Bail


From the Mississippi Bail Agents Association, www.msbail.org

Reprinted with permission

On April 14, 2008, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour signed into law changes to Miss. Code Ann. 83-39-3.  These changes require any professional, soliciting or bail enforcement agents must have eight (8) hours of continuing education every year with a total of sixteen (16) hours per licensing period.  All agents have until September 30th of each year to complete their eight (8) hours. 

Important:  Bail Agents must have 8 hours each year; they cannot take 16 hours in one year.  If they fail to complete 8 hours of continuing education by September 30th each year their licensing will no longer be valid and they will have to take the pre-licensing class to get it reinstated.(Apparently the license is valid 2 (two) yrs before renewal fees would apply)

How will this work?  In September of each year the Mississippi Bail Agents Association, MBAA, will electronically submit to the Mississippi Department of Insurance (DOI)  the names of everyone who completed the continuing education class that year.  Everyone will continue to receive a Certificate but it is for their records.  MBAA will not mail it to the DOI and is still talking to the DOI on how renewals will be done in 2009.

Click here to read Miss. Code Section 83-39-3.  MBAA will continue to post updates on their website (www.msbail.org) as information becomes available. Continuing education schedule and registration forms are also available on the "Education" page of their website.

To learn more about MBAA, go to www.msbail.org.